Casino Gambling Being Proposed For Financially Strapped Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is known as a tropical paradise for most vacationers. The state may soon become known for much more as lawmakers struggle to find ways to help ease financial restraints.

House Speaker Calvin Say believes he has one of the answers. Say is proposing that one casino be legalized for Hawaii, which would bring millions of dollars into the state budget through taxes from the gambling winnings.

“It is just another issue that we should consider because if there is a license that is sold, we pick up so many millions of dollars,” said Say, as reported by KITV4, “It is just an option on the budget side.”

The other area where a new casino would help would be in the unemployment rate. If a casino was to open in Hawaii, it is estimated that over 4,000 jobs would become available. The job creation and the millions of dollars may be something that state lawmakers can not turn down.

As is the case in many states these days, there will be serious debate among lawmakers on the casino gambling issue. Whether Hawaii residents would approve the casino is also unknown. In the past, residents have frowned upon all proposals for casino gambling.

The issue of casinos has been one that is a hot topic around the US. many states have expanded their gambling laws during the recession to help with budget shortcomings. Other states where gambling was already legal, have expanded their options.

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