Dario Minieri Wins WSOP Event Filled With Bad Beats

Dario Minieri was close to achieving his goal of winning a World Series of Poker bracelet several times on Wednesday. Each time he got close, however, his chip lead was dented with a bad beat.

Finally, after surviving several bad beats that almost cost him the coveted bracelet, he emerged as the winner of Event #31, a No-Limit Hold’em/Six Handed tournament with a $2,500 buy in. Minieri won $528,418 for his win.

The final table at the event was filled with some of the worst bad beats we have seen here at this year’s World Series of Poker. A-K cracked pocket aces when a K came on the flop and another on the river. The hand cost Justin Filtz second place. He won $214,139 for finishing in third.

The beneficiary of the kings was Seth Fisher, who picked up over an extra $100,000 because of the hand. He took home $330,519 for winning. Scotty Nguyen made it to the final table, but finished in seventh place. He won $50,508.

The World Championship Limit Hold’em event also concluded, with Rob Hollink claiming the top prize. Hollink won $496,931 for his efforts. J.C. Tran and Andrew Bloch were vying for the title in this tournament, but both fell short. Chan finished in fifth and Bloch in seventh.

Layne Flack Wins First World Series of Poker Bracelet Since 2003

Layne Flack has been in this moment before. He had won five World Series of Poker bracelets coming into this year. He had not, however, won one since 2003, a stretch spanning five years.

That slump came to an end this weekend when he finally broke through and won his sixth bracelet. The win came in Event #34, a Pot-Limit Omaha W/Rebuys tournament.

Flack defeated Daniel Makowsky for the title and claimed $577,725 from the $1,500 buy in tournament. Makowsky won $355,050 for his second place finish. Ted Forrest finished in fifth place, winning $144,427.

Michael Rocco also won himself a WSOP bracelet in Event #35. Al Barbieri gave him a run for the money, but came up just short in second place. Rocco won $135,753 and Barbieri $83,210. The buy in for the tournament was $1,500.

Three tournaments are still going on with one of them, a No-Limit Hold’em event, at the final table stage. Jesper Hougaard has a slight chip lead over Cody Slaubaugh, 1,582,000 to 1,419,000.

Only one tournament was scheduled to start today, and another two will begin on Sunday. The Series is getting within striking distance of the main event, which will start on Thursday, July 3rd.

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